Friday, 1 June 2018

Why is Aircon Servicing So Important?

Why is Aircon servicing so important? To keep your air-conditioner in a top-notch state helps in making your life so bearable and especially so when temperatures are soaring high. Aircon filters, coils, and drains should be frequently checked and serviced to provide optimum performance.
A well serviced and maintained Air conditioner helps to:

- Ensure that your unit is consistently efficient,
- Prevent unnecessary health hazards and keep the air clean in your home,
- Avoid unnecessary and preventable breakdowns for your unit,
- Offer reliability and optimal performance.
- Save time and money. The electrical consumption for a well-maintained system are much less and time spent on it is also minimal.

Servicing and maintenance of your unit is something you can do by yourself but you can also hire a professional to do the work for you. If you are hiring an expert, then It is advantageous to look out for a credible technician to carry out the servicing for your unit. To maintain and safeguard the quality of your system, these are steps you will consider when doing the servicing.

Switch off The Electric Supply
- Before you begin the servicing, remember to turn off all electric supply to your unit. This is done for safety purposes. Check out the circuit breaker and switch it off. All power supply to the system should be shut down just before and after the work on the unit. The reason for this is to prevent any electric shocks from happening and causing injury. An injury as a result of shocks blocks you from continuing with work, so it is just prudent to take preventive measures which allows you a smooth flow of work.

Check and Clean The Filter
- The filter is a very crucial part of the Aircon system. It serves to not only supply cool and fresh air, but it also helps to eliminate dust, bacteria, and any other harmful particles that may perforate the device. If it is left dirty and dusty, filters become major causes of short lifespan for your system. They can also compromise the systems’ performance and efficiency.

- To make it run efficiently aim to clean and wash it with water. If and when you notice any dust or dirt, take it out, and wash it with soap and water. Be careful whenever you do the cleaning, and do not push dirt right into the filter core. This will result in blockages which will inhibit and restrict proper movement of air.

Check And Clean The Condenser 
-A well-serviced condenser regulates temperature and pressure to right and required standards.
- To check and keep clean the condensing unit enables you to be in a position to remove any blockages that are preventing proper air supply to the aircon. Ensure to let the part that sucks in air to remain uncovered and without any obstructions.

-You should do this rake and remove away any dirt, debris, and leaves that could be in the way of the condenser coil. These are major dealbreakers as they can easily lead to malfunctioning of the whole system. Once you are finished with cleaning the debris, gently open and clean inside of the condenser.

Vacuum the Air Ducts
- With continued usage, it is possible for the air ducts to gather dust and debris. As a result, overall performance and efficiency become affected. It is important to make a habit of vacuuming these air ducts every so often. Once done on a frequent basis you save a lot of time and money meant for a major servicing or replacement parts. You also get to enjoy fresher and cooler air.

Vacuum The Drain
- To avoid mold from building into the drain, vacuum and keep it clean. A full cleaning of the drain pan and the drain pipes is necessary. Evacuate all bad air and moisture to allow in freshness. Frequent cleaning also helps to prevent water from sipping and draining into ceilings and walls of your home.

Clean the coils
- It is essential to check and see if the conditioners coils have gathered too much dirt. If this is the case then a thorough job is required to carefully clean the evaporator and fan coil and the blower wheel.

- It is not advisable to clean the dust and dirt on the coils with water. Check out for recommended chemical solutions, or air conditioner commercial cleaners to help easily clean the coils. Note that if the fan and evaporator coils are full of dirt efficiency of the Aircon is greatly downgraded.

Check And Fix the Water Pooling
- Water pooling could be as a result of a cracked or loose drain pan. Check the tubes and if there are holes or cracks seal them immediately. This will prevent water from draining into the ceiling or walls. If there is any debris that is causing water pooling, remove it. To be sure that the drain pan is working properly or not, take some water and pour it into the drain pan. This immediately triggers some action from the condensation pump. In case nothing happens, then it necessary to call in an expert for advice and fixing.

Check out the electrical components 
- Check to ensure that all the electrical mesh and wiring in the system are free from damage, or from any and wear and tear. If there is any damage that has occurred then it is crucial to make the necessary repairs as soon as possible. Replacement should be done for parts that are worn out and are beyond repair.

Perform functionality trial
- Once you have performed all the necessary servicing, and you are sure there is nothing left out, do a trial and test for the functioning ability of the unit. Check that the pressure and temperature are working as expected.

- Routine servicing, checking, and cleaning helps your unit to give the optimum care and efficiency that you need. Once in a while call in the professionals to check out the whole Aircon system to give you the necessary advice. Ensure to replace parts that are worn out or damaged.