Sunday, 12 June 2016

Pros & Cons On Casement Aircon

If you are a resident in Singapore, then having an aircon is essential for you to have a comfortable life in your home. With the help of a good quality aircon you can control the temperature of your home as per your preference. But you can have worry free and comfortable life in your home only if you will have right kind of aircon for same. Since there are several type of aircon available in the Singapore, so choosing the right one can be a complicated task for people. So, here I am sharing some pros and cons on casement aircon and you can take your decision for same in wise manner.

Benefits of casement aircon 

Easy to install: If we compare the installation part then a spilt aircon will have various parts in it and you will need to install that all to get it working. You may need to do various diggings for aircon cooling pipes and draining pipe in a spilt aircon system. However, things are not that much complicated to install a casement aircon in your home. You just need to do the fitting of casement aircon on your window and then you can get it working quickly. That means it will be really easy for you to do the installation and you will be able to have better outcome for same with ease.

Ideal for small homes: If you have a small home or room then a casement aircon is perfect for that. It can do the cooling for your small room in easy ways. That is definitely a great benefit of this kind of aircon system because when you reach to home, then you wish to get quick cooling. A casement aircon does fast cooling for you and that is defiantly a great benefit that you can get with this particular aircon system in your home.

Fewer risk involve: If you live in an apartment where you have lack of space for installing outside unit of aircon, then you will need to install the outside unit on the windo or on grill. This will be a risky subject because if that outside unit fall down, then it can damage so many people. Other than this, it can cause more money as well to you. At the other hand you do not need to worry about the security part with casement aircon. It slid down inside a well attached system and it remains connected with your window in a firm manner. So, you will have fewer risk attached with it.

Need less permission: In an apartment you may need to take a lot of permissions to install the outside unit of split air conditioner. However, you need almost no permission to install the casement aircon in your home. In fact most of the places will allow you to install it without any issue and if you need any permission then you can have that permission also with ease.

Cost effective: One more amazing benefit of casement aircon is that it is highly cost effective compared to other options. Most of the split AC can charge you more money compared to casement aircon. So, if you have less budget to install an aircon in your home then you can try this option and chances are really high that you will get one in your budget that too with great ease.

Drawbacks of casement aircon

No easy to refill: Any AC would not give proper cooling to your unless it had enough amount of cooling liquid in it. That means if your casement aircon will lose its coolant or if you need to refill it, then it will not be an easy thing in any ways. In fact, you may need to take out the entire unit for that and after that you will need to do the refilling. Overall, this will be a very complicated and tedious process for you and you may need to hire some expert for that.

Not good for bigger areas: If you have a bigger area or bigger house, then casement aircon might not be a good solution for you. For smaller rooms it can do great work, but it may not do the proper splitting of cool air in the entire room. Due to this issue you may not get cooling at other corners of the room. IF you wish to have proper cooling in your bigger home, then you will need to get in touch with bigger areas. That will be one of those things that you may need to keep in your mind while choosing it.

Less energy efficient: While most of the modern day spilt aircon are highly energy efficient, we can’t say the same thing for casement aircon. Mostly this kind of aircons are not highly energy efficient and sometime it may increase your electricity bill in a negative manner. So, when you install it then you may need to keep thing also in your mind to avoid any kind of complication or trouble.

Make more noise: If you like to have a comfortable house, then you may not get that using casement aircon. This particular aircon makes a lot of noise in your house and you may not have a comfortable good night sleep while using it. So, if you are ok with noise, then you can go ahead with this option, but if you are not fine with sound, then you will not be able to get better outcome for same in easy ways.

In addition to this there are so many other things are also there are goes in favor of casement aircon and so many other factors are also there that goes against it. So, when you think about choosing casement aircon for your home, then make sure you keep these things in your mind. And if you will do your serch wisely, then this is an assurance that you will get only the best outcome with it and you will not have any kind of other complication as well.