Friday, 2 September 2016

Why You Should Not Perform DIY Aircon Servicing

Anyone working for a company offering aircon servicing could go on and on for days telling you about the horror stories of customers dealing with air conditioning breakdowns at the most inappropriate time of the year. Everyone fears the day when they turn on their air conditioning and feel nothing but warm air flowing out of the vents. Unfortunately, those horror stories and fears aren't enough to convince most people to keep up-to-date with their aircon services and some even go to the point of actually trying to fix the problems themselves.

The good news is you don't have to dwell on what could happen if you don't schedule your home for regular aircon servicing. You don't have to listen to all of those horror stories because the problems of those others have nothing to do with you and your home. You have enough to worry about and don't need to add the "what if" scenarios and fears to the list.

There is something related that you cannot afford not to think about, though. You cannot afford to stop thinking about how forgetting aircon services affect the comfort of your home. Below are some of the reasons why you should not perform DIY Aircon servicing rather, you should opt for professionals.

Your Home Environment

How hard do you work to keep your home clean and sanitary? How much time have you spent painting walls, putting up window treatments, and moving around furniture in your home? If you are like most people, you spend lots of time fixing up your home so it feels comfortable, warm and inviting to your loved ones and friends.

Part of setting up that warm environment is making sure that your air conditioning is working properly. When the air goes out you have the wrong kind of "warmth" in the home. Things get unbearable very fast and all the other comforting elements of your decor no longer matter.
Without the right skills, you will just make everything even worse and thus you should contact a reputable aircon servicing company to handle the issue and maintain the serenity of your home environment.

From Comfort to Safety

You now know how important aircon servicing is to the comforting vibe of your home, but it is also very important for the safety of everyone spending time in your home. This is especially true if you live with or spend a lot of time with the elderly or young children and babies.

The older and younger members of your family may not be physically equipped to deal with a breakdown of the air conditioning. Every year elderly people and children die because of the heat and all too often it is inside a home where there is no functioning air conditioning.

Preventing the Worst

If you sign up for aircon services and keep your appointments at least twice a year, you can cut out much of the worry over the comfort and safety of your home. When you allow an aircon servicing company to upkeep your home you drastically reduce your chances of experiencing a major problem with your system.

Since many elements of your air conditioning system are shared with your heating system, it is important to combine aircon servicing and servicing for your heater. The same technician can come into your home in the spring and fall to make sure your system is ready to pump out the air whether it is about to get cold or hot outside.

Over time, it's exhausting to maintain everything that goes wrong having a home. In the event you relate to all of this, you might be carrying out homeownership all wrong. There might be an easy method to accomplish things that won't be so exhausting.

Instead of fixing things simply because they fail, how about maintaining things before they really fail? It may be hard to think of things in this manner if you're always fixing things throughout the house, but there are things that are much better maintained than fixed.

Your Ac System

Maybe you need to replace parts of your ac. If so, you are aware how expensive and mentally draining it can be to handle ac problems. You might be real familiar with local companies providing aircon servicing during emergencies, but how familiar have you been with air con services that deal with maintenance?

Aircon servicing is one thing better carried out by maintenance than emergencies. Air con services should enter your house once every year to evaluate on the body. Most prefer to do this in the year, that is right before the season whenever you will probably be relying upon the body to cool your house. By performing aircon servicing at this time you make sure situations are working properly and all sorts of required part replacements are carried out before you decide to absolutely need your ac system.

It is much cheaper and time effective to own this yearly visit from your air con services than it is to simply fix the body when it finally gives out you.

Property Up Keep

It is always cheaper and the majority less hassle to look into the future. Instead of searching for what is going wrong with your home at this time, start looking as to the "can become a problem later on".

Maintaining over time is a constant chore, but it's a lot less stressful than fixing problems. You'll generally pay a smaller amount to maintain all aspects of your house than you'd pay to fix them when they fail. Additionally, you will possess a lot less drama and chaos in your life if your home is well maintained.

You do shoulder lots of responsibility whenever you become a homeowner. In the event you keep an eye on maintenance rather than fixing, you'll feel less stressed!

Also, its important to remember that anything worth doing in life will require consistency. You can't lose a large amount of weight without working out and watching what you eat consistently and you can't win the Olympics in your favorite sport without years of consistent hard work and perseverance.

The same thing goes with your aircon services. You have to be very consistent with your appointments so they are perfectly spaced around through the year. This type of dedication can save you lots of money as you avoid breakdowns and expensive part replacements over the years. This is essentially how you get the most from your aircon services.

Friday, 26 August 2016

7 Ways To Prepare Yourself For The Haze in Singapore

Haze is one of the most common occurrences in Singapore. Most of the time, it occurs between May and October. The most common cause is wild fires in the forests neaby Indonesia. Winds from Indonesia blow the smoke particles towards various parts of Singapore. Therefore, they affect the air condition in these areas.

In 2016, the condition is supposed to get even worse. It may reach hazardous levels. According to most studies and researches, the air quality in the country has been quite poor. It has been the major cause for a national environmental authority to announce that the air levels have deteriorated further to hazardous levels. In this post, we’ve discussed 7 effective ways to prepare yourself for haze in 2016.

Minimize Outdoor Activities 
Although it is almost impossible to escape from haze, you can minimize your exposure. People suffering from respiratory or heart ailments should reduce outdoor activities and physical exertion. Engaging yourself in strenuous activities may cause you to inhale some pollutants in the air into your lungs.

Take Precautions Indoors
Even when you’re indoors, you need to take some precautions. It is important to keep windows, doors and some other ventilation outlets shut. In case you’re using an air conditioner, you should only turn it on after ensuring that air vents and filters are clean. You should also invest some amount in an air purifier. Such devices can keep particulate levels in a closed space quite low.

If you want some organic choices, you should use houseplants like Snake plant or Chinese Evergreen to absorb some toxic pollutants. Plants also add more value to your house and make it look beautiful.

Wear a Mask 
You should not use any random surgical or paper masks. These turn out to be a waste of time and money. When it comes to harmful air particles, you should only use appropriate masks. Respiratory masks always prove to be more effective in keeping out harmful particulate matter.

According to experts, you should change the masks when they become distoreted or soiled. Respiratory masks can be easily obtained from local pharmacies. These days, you can even buy them online.

Boost the Immune System 
It is very important to take certain steps to boost your immune system. You need to exercise regularly to increase your body’s metabolic rate, and strengthen the immune system. A healthy diet is also very important. You need to take proper medications to eliminate cases of a runny nose.

In order to avoid any serious problems regarding haze, you need to reduce your intake of caffeine and alcohol. They can cause fluid loss and make your body lose more nutrients. In addition to this, if you’re experiencing any symptoms of excess mucus production, you should take certain steps to dilute mucus. This can be one of the most effective ways to prepare yourself for haze in 2016.

Close Windows in the Car
Whenever you’re outdoors, you need to take some steps to reduce your exposure to haze in Singapore. For instance, you should close all the windows of the car while driving. This can help you against polluted air. In addition to this, you should also cover your nose and mouth with a mask. If you’re already suffering from asthma, you need to be even more cautious. Certain precautions will help you avoid an unnecessary asthma attack.

Keep Yourself Hydrated
The best way to prepare yourself for haze is to keep yourself hydrated. It will allow your kidneys to flush out toxins which might have been absorbed by your skin and lungs. You should also take care of your diet, and increase your intake of Vitamic E and C. Vitamin C includes certain foods like strawberries, oranges, and guavas. On the othe rhand, Vitamin E mostly includes nuts and seeds. It is also better to include Omega-3 fatty acids in your diet.

Consult a Doctor Immediately 
In case you experince any symptoms associated with haze, including cough, shortness of breath, dry eyes or runny nose, you should seek medical attention immediately. This is even more important for people suffering from skin conditions like eczema or breathing problems like asthma. It is very important to monitor your health and consult a doctor regularly. In 2016, it will be even more important to take certain precautions to prepare yourself for haze in Singapore.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

How To Plan Your VRV System Design

If you are looking for the right answer to the question as to how VRV or Variable Refrigerant Volume air conditioners could be useful, then the next few lines could be interesting and informative. When buying air conditioners, we keep in mind quite a few things. Amongst them initial cost of purchase is perhaps the most important consideration. However, we must also keep other things in mind such as the recurring energy costs, durability, longevity and other factors and attributes. It would also be pertinent to mention here that the look and feel of the air conditioning unit when it is set up in the home or workplace is also an important consideration when it is being purchased. In this article we will try and have a look at the reason why there is a growing demand for VRV system designed air conditioners. We will also try to find some answers to the question how to plan your VRV system design.

Why It Could Be A Great Option
The VRV system design is relatively new technology and therefore not many people might be aware of it. However, when it comes to complete, cost effective and great looking designs and air conditioning solutions, there are reasons to believe that going in for VRC would be a good option. However, it is important to have some basic idea about these designs and systems and only then should one move forward. Over the next few lines we will try and have a look at the various things to be kept in mind when it comes to planning the best VRV system design.

Have Clear Idea About The Space To Be Covered
Though VRV is a proven technology and is known for its efficiency and versatility, before going in for this method of air conditioning, you must have the right design plan available with you. To begin with it is ideal to opt for ductless air conditioning design features. Secondly, you must also be aware that these VRV air conditioners come in different capacities. There are a few which are designed for commercial purposes and there are others which are specifically suited for residential spaces. There are also single room VRV solutions suitable for small room sizes of around 200 to 300 square feet. Hence the first starting point is to have a clear idea about the area that is planned to be covered using these air conditioning designing systems.

Long Term Sustainability
You have to bear in mind that these air conditioning systems are expensive and therefore they should be suitable and sustainable from the long term point of view. They do help a lot in saving on electricity and energy consumption because of their inbuilt features. They do come with inverters and outdoor units having dual compressor units. Hence when going in for design features, you should be sure that it provides constant cycling and offer the best of load matching capabilities even when there are wild swings in voltages. The temperature fluctuations outside might be very unpredictable and could oscillate from one extreme to the other in countries like Singapore. Hence when going in for the VRV system design, this factors should also be taken into account.
Design Features

An air conditioner apart from protecting the inmates from too much of heat and cold also plays a big role in adding style and sophistication to the room. It gives a special look and ambience. Therefore this aspect should be kept in mind when it comes to coming out with the design features for your VRV system. The walls should be built differently and the air conditioning system should match with the overall color scheme of the room.

Choosing The Right Types
When we talk about VRV systems, we usually refer to two major types. They are pump systems with pump heat facility and pipe heat recovery type. While both can perform the function of heating and cooling, the former can do only one at a time. On the other hand the latter will be able to perform both the tasks simultaneously. In other words it can regulate different temperatures in different rooms and closed places keeping in mind specific needs and requirements. Hence, when going in for system design for VRV units this point must always be kept in mind.

Complete User Control
One of the major differences between conventional air conditioning units and VRV units is the number of condensing units, including evaporators and compressors. However, when you decide to go in for a VRV unit, you can have one conduction unit which can be connected to many numbers of evaporators. Each of these evaporators can be controlled individually. Hence, this is a very important aspect to be kept in mind when it comes to choosing the right design for your VRV system.

Take The Help Of Professionals
At the end of the day there is hardly any doubt that VRC is a recent technology and it is also quite complex and complicates. As end users it might not be possible for us to find out the right design structures which are needed to get the maximum benefit out of it. Under the above circumstances, the best way forward would be to take the help or professionals engineers and architects before you install these systems. It would be always advisable to seek their counsel and advice before even designing or constructing the room or space where the air conditioning units will be sitting. This will help you to get the best out of it in terms of performance, energy efficiency, longevity, durability and finally the best value for money.


At the end of the day there is hardly any doubt that VRV is going to be future as far as air conditioning technology is concerned. We might have homes where different members of the family would like to have different heating and cooling systems. In such an eventuality the best of VRV designing systems with the best of cooling and heating systems would certainly make a big difference. It is all about gathering the right information and knowledge and then moving forward based on what the experts have to say.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Pros & Cons On Casement Aircon

If you are a resident in Singapore, then having an aircon is essential for you to have a comfortable life in your home. With the help of a good quality aircon you can control the temperature of your home as per your preference. But you can have worry free and comfortable life in your home only if you will have right kind of aircon for same. Since there are several type of aircon available in the Singapore, so choosing the right one can be a complicated task for people. So, here I am sharing some pros and cons on casement aircon and you can take your decision for same in wise manner.

Benefits of casement aircon 

Easy to install: If we compare the installation part then a spilt aircon will have various parts in it and you will need to install that all to get it working. You may need to do various diggings for aircon cooling pipes and draining pipe in a spilt aircon system. However, things are not that much complicated to install a casement aircon in your home. You just need to do the fitting of casement aircon on your window and then you can get it working quickly. That means it will be really easy for you to do the installation and you will be able to have better outcome for same with ease.

Ideal for small homes: If you have a small home or room then a casement aircon is perfect for that. It can do the cooling for your small room in easy ways. That is definitely a great benefit of this kind of aircon system because when you reach to home, then you wish to get quick cooling. A casement aircon does fast cooling for you and that is defiantly a great benefit that you can get with this particular aircon system in your home.

Fewer risk involve: If you live in an apartment where you have lack of space for installing outside unit of aircon, then you will need to install the outside unit on the windo or on grill. This will be a risky subject because if that outside unit fall down, then it can damage so many people. Other than this, it can cause more money as well to you. At the other hand you do not need to worry about the security part with casement aircon. It slid down inside a well attached system and it remains connected with your window in a firm manner. So, you will have fewer risk attached with it.

Need less permission: In an apartment you may need to take a lot of permissions to install the outside unit of split air conditioner. However, you need almost no permission to install the casement aircon in your home. In fact most of the places will allow you to install it without any issue and if you need any permission then you can have that permission also with ease.

Cost effective: One more amazing benefit of casement aircon is that it is highly cost effective compared to other options. Most of the split AC can charge you more money compared to casement aircon. So, if you have less budget to install an aircon in your home then you can try this option and chances are really high that you will get one in your budget that too with great ease.

Drawbacks of casement aircon

No easy to refill: Any AC would not give proper cooling to your unless it had enough amount of cooling liquid in it. That means if your casement aircon will lose its coolant or if you need to refill it, then it will not be an easy thing in any ways. In fact, you may need to take out the entire unit for that and after that you will need to do the refilling. Overall, this will be a very complicated and tedious process for you and you may need to hire some expert for that.

Not good for bigger areas: If you have a bigger area or bigger house, then casement aircon might not be a good solution for you. For smaller rooms it can do great work, but it may not do the proper splitting of cool air in the entire room. Due to this issue you may not get cooling at other corners of the room. IF you wish to have proper cooling in your bigger home, then you will need to get in touch with bigger areas. That will be one of those things that you may need to keep in your mind while choosing it.

Less energy efficient: While most of the modern day spilt aircon are highly energy efficient, we can’t say the same thing for casement aircon. Mostly this kind of aircons are not highly energy efficient and sometime it may increase your electricity bill in a negative manner. So, when you install it then you may need to keep thing also in your mind to avoid any kind of complication or trouble.

Make more noise: If you like to have a comfortable house, then you may not get that using casement aircon. This particular aircon makes a lot of noise in your house and you may not have a comfortable good night sleep while using it. So, if you are ok with noise, then you can go ahead with this option, but if you are not fine with sound, then you will not be able to get better outcome for same in easy ways.

In addition to this there are so many other things are also there are goes in favor of casement aircon and so many other factors are also there that goes against it. So, when you think about choosing casement aircon for your home, then make sure you keep these things in your mind. And if you will do your serch wisely, then this is an assurance that you will get only the best outcome with it and you will not have any kind of other complication as well.

Saturday, 28 May 2016

All That You Need to Know About VRV Aircon

With the ever increasing demand more efficient Aircons, many manufacturers have been trying to come up with products that meet the customers’ expectations. It is a fact the aircons’ quality has been improving every day thanks the innovativeness of the manufacturers. Among the best aircons that the market has ever seen are the variable refrigerant volume commonly referred to as the VRV. VRV is a relatively new HVAC system that has been in existence approximately 30 years. It was a technology that was developed and introduced into the market by Daikin, a Japan company and a leading manufacturer of HVAC in the world.

VRV is a protected name by the Daikin Industries who invented this technology and thus, other manufacturers have resulted into using the term variable refrigeration flow (VRF). The working principles of both are same. VRV is a multi-split type air conditioner that is designed for commercial building application and large homes. What makes it effective for these kinds of premises is the fact that it can control the temperatures of individual rooms independently. VRV aircon is designed with a single outdoor unit that connects to multiple indoor units. These indoor units are the ones that are installed in individual rooms where they are operated independently by a room thermostat while the outdoor unit provided the required refrigeration.

Technically, VRV is an air conditioning/heating system that connects multiple indoor units through the refrigeration piping to a single outdoor unit. It may come as a heat pump or a heat pump with heat recovery system. The heat pump with heat recovery system allows the indoor units to select either the heating or cooling modes regardless of the mode at that the outdoor unit is in. But this is different in heat pump systems where the indoor units rely on the mode that the outdoor unit is in.

To achieve such variations, VRV is installed with an aircon inverter which adds a DC inverter to the compressor and this supports variable motor speeds. It is these variable motor speeds that allow for variable refrigeration volumes to enable independent control of indoor units.

VRV system is indeed on of the greatest HVAC systems in the market and it is doing incredibly well. But like any other device, it has its pros and shortcomings.

Here are some of the main pros that are associated with VRV aircon:

• High energy efficiency
The energy efficiency of this system is incredibly high. Compared to the traditional aircons, VRV will save you up to 50% of the energy consumption. This cut in cost has been achieved by the fact that there is only one outdoor system that is controlling all the indoor systems. If it were traditional aircons, each of the indoor system would be connected to its outdoor system. You can imagine a commercial building with more than fifty rooms and how many HVAC systems would be required and the energy needed to run them. Installing VRV will eliminate all outdoor systems and this is how it helps in cutting the cost of the energy thus improving the efficiency of running the entire system.

• Conserves space
VRV aircon requires very small space as compared to the traditional ones. With this system, you only need to install one outdoor system as compared to the multiple systems of the traditional aircons. So the outside space that is required is very and you can utilize the rest with something more productive. Similarly, the ceiling space that is utilized by the indoor unit is relatively small compared to a majority of the competing brands in the market. The overall space utilization of VRV aircon is incredible and thus makes it very attractive to areas where space is an issue.

• Flexibility
This aircon is one of the most flexible HVAC systems that you can find on the market. First, it allows you control each indoor system independently regardless of the outdoor system mode. This is the main feature that is making it very popular among large homeowners and commercial building developers. VRV also provides a superior design flexibility that enables it to be used installed in any commercial building. The aircon is also quick and easy to install since it only requires the installation of a single outdoor system as compared to the traditional aircons.

• Enhanced ease of use
For users of VRV aircons, this is definitely one of the easiest systems to use. You do not require any technical knowledge so as to operate it. The system is designed in a manner that it is user friendly by digitizing it. The current VRV in the market are remote controlled and thus you control the room temperatures at the comfort of your seat. Each indoor system comes with a LCD remote controller and the same system allows for auto restart function.

• Wide selection of modes
This is one of the few aircons that offers the use a wide selection of modes. VRV aircon allows you to select from a broad range of modes that it comes with. Depending on the external temperatures the device has the capability to provide precisely temperature levels that you need. The current VRVs have been digitized and this makes it very easy to select an a variety of modes.

VRV aircon Cons

There are a few shortcomings that are associated with this HVAC system. But is also worth noting that pros of VRV aircon are too many compared to the few cons associated with it. Here are the main cons:

• Cost
This is a very costly option compared to the traditional systems especially when it comes to the initial installation. But you must also consider that other cost such maintenance costs will significantly reduce after installing this system. You must also put into consideration the energy consumption will reduce by almost 50% after installing this system. Thus the overall cost over time will reduce significantly.

• Single manufacturer driven
Being a single manufacturer driven means that any repair or modification of this aircon can only be done by the manufacturer. This is one of the cons associated with VRV aircons that any time you have a problem with the system, it is only the manufacturer who can work on it.

These are just of the facts that you need to know about VRV aircons. They are very effective in the function and above, their efficiency is incredible. With this type HVAC system, you will be enjoying precise room temperatures as you wish due to its broad range of modes. Its overall running cost is lows and thus it is the perfect aircon for any commercial building application.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Starmex MSY Series Wall Mounted Type Review

There are many people who want to buy Starmex MSY series wall mounted type today. This air conditioner can bring many advantages for all users. Before you decide to purchase this unit, you may want to take a look at some features that are offered by this product. This article is going to show you some benefits and features that are offered by this wall mounted air conditioner that is available today. It can provide comfortable cooling experience for all customers nowadays. Here are some good reasons why this product can be a perfect solution for all customers these days.

1. Energy efficient system
This is the most important benefit that you can get from this unit. This air conditioner has energy efficient system that is very powerful to support your needs. You should be able to get a lot of benefits from this unit without spending too much money on the electricity cost. This device is supported by inverter technology that can save a lot of energy in your daily life. This feature is very attractive for most users who are available in Singapore these days. If you are looking for a good energy efficient unit, you can buy this wall mounted air conditioner now.

2. Quiet device
This is another good reason why you have to buy this wall mounted air conditioner. Starmex MSY series is very popular for its quiet performance. It has low noise level, in order to help you get all benefits from this unit. You can simply get all features from this unit without disturbing other people now. It is recommended for you to install this unit in any of your properties without having any problems. Because of this simple reason, many people are interested in getting this high quality wall mounted air conditioner from Mitsubishi today.

3. Easy to use remote control
When you buy this wall mounted air conditioner now, you are going to get additional remote control for free. This unit is included in the purchase of this device, so you can feel comfortable with this unit. You can simply use this remote control, in order to setup all options from your air conditioner, such as humidity level, temperature, and any other important details from your air conditioner. You can simply use this powerful remote control, in order to get all benefits from your air conditioner. This remote control has easy control, so you can use this device easily.

4. Can be cleaned easily
All parts of this device can be cleaned and washed easily. You can simply follow all instructions from the manual, so you can open all parts of this air conditioner completely. It is recommended for you to wash and clean this unit at least once in every 6 - 12 months. Regular cleaning is very useful to ensure the quality and long lasting performance from this unit. You can also hire the best aircon cleaning service company, in order to help you keep this air conditioner as clean as possible. Don't forget to replace any broken parts immediately, so you can get all benefits from this unit.

5. 24 hour control

There are many people who are interested in using this device because of this benefit. This device is very famous for its 24 hour control system. It is easy for you to control the overall settings from this unit for 24 hours a day. It can provide convenience and comfort for all customers. Therefore, you should be able to enjoy all features that are offered by this air conditioning device. This 24 hour system can provide good cooling system for any of your properties, including office, home, apartment, and any other properties in Singapore now.

6. Automatic shut-off function
It is one of the most important safety features that you can find from this air conditioner. This safety feature is very useful to help you avoid getting any serious issues in your daily life. This automatic shut-off function can be turned on easily, so you can manage the performance of this unit easily. This feature is going to turn off and turn on the air conditioner based on your schedule. It also has accurate sensor that can be used to detect any movements inside your properties. When there is no one inside your room, this air conditioner is going to turn off its device completely.

7. Nano filtration system
This is another good feature that is offered by this air conditioner. This air conditioner is equipped with nano filtration system that is good for supporting your own needs. This filtration system is very useful to help you remove any unwanted materials from your property, such as dust, dirt, microorganisms, bacteria, and any other unwanted impurities. You should be able to replace this filter system regularly, in order to get all benefits from this unit. You will be able to produce good air quality to your room when you use this air conditioner now.

8. Affordable product
You can read many good reviews about this device. This wall mounted air conditioner is very well-known among many customers because of this benefit. This unit is available for all customers at very affordable price. You don't need to spend a lot of money for purchasing this high quality unit in your daily life. When you buy this product now, you can also get some additional discounts or offers from your favorite aircon stores these days. It can be the right time for you to choose this unit as the best air conditioner for your property.

There are many other advantages that are offered by Starmex MSY series wall mounted air conditioner. After you read this review, you should be interested with all features from this unit. When you are ready to install this wall mounted air conditioner, you can simply contact our company now. We are ready to help you choose and install the best air conditioner that is good for your properties. Our company has some professional experts who know how to install any air conditioners in any properties safely and properly. Contact us as soon as possible, so you can find the best solution for you who want to find the best air conditioner for yourself now.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

How Long Can An Aircon Typically Last?

Like any other homeowner, it is a fact that you would like your aircon to last long. This is because a good one always cost a lot of cash. However, when you think about the important role that it plays in your house then the cost becomes nothing. It is a natural thing to want to get the best out of any investment that you have made. This is only possible if your aircon can last as long as you want. Fortunately, there several ways that can help your air conditioner last as long as possible. But how long can an aircon typically last?

Normally, the life span of any aircon is between 8 – 15 years although some of them can last for up to 18 years. It is very important to know that there are a lot of factors that affect their lifespan. Ideally, when you buy an aircon, you may be given some rough estimate about how long it will last. But, you should not depend on this since some factors are beyond your control. The good thing is that if you buy a new aircon you are sure that it will last longer.

Factors that affect the longevity of air cons

· Location- This is one of the main factors that affect the lifespan of air conditioners. Aircons that are located in humid and hot areas do a lot more work than the ones that are located in areas with moderate temperatures, making them not to last long enough. Since they endure a lot more wear and tear, they are likely to last only for a few years. However, if you live in a cold winter area, your air conditioner is likely to last long.

· Quality of components and parts- In an aircon, the quality of the parts and components matters a lot. While some of them are made of parts that tend to last long others are not. You can always get a feel of the longevity and durability of air conditioners by considering the warranties that often come along with them. Some compressors have good warranties but coils and air handlers rarely have these. Remember, if your aircon parts are not backed with good warranties your unit may not last long.

· Quality of installation- This is also one of the most important determining factors when it comes to the lifespan of an air conditioner. If your system is properly installed it may not be susceptible to several breakdowns that can lead to repairs. This is why if you are considering buying a new unit you should ensure that you hire a professional to install it for you.

· Type of the system- Although some may not last long, some of them are built to have a long lifespan. For example, if you buy a two stage aircon you should expect it to last for a longer period of time because it will not circle on and off often.

How to make your air con last long

When you are conscientious about taking care of them, aircons tend to have a longer lifespan. Unfortunately, many people do very little to maintain them. To be on the safe side, you should not fall into this pattern. You should diligently clean and maintain your conditioner on a regular basis. Although there are a number of things that you can do yourself if you are not sure, it is advisable to call a HV/AC company to handle them for you. Here are some few ways to extend the lifespan of an aircon.

· Clear the vents- you should ensure that the vets around our home are cleared. Ensure that you move the furniture, curtains, and any other obstructions that may hinder you. Remember, if your air conditioner is blocked by several items its efficiency will be greatly reduced. Ideally, forcing it to remain on may cause unnecessary wear and tear that can really affect it in the long run. Also, if your home is too stuffy you should open the windows and turn on a few fans.

· Carry out routine cleaning- air conditioners have compressors that are located in the outdoor portion of the system. Essentially, it is quite possible for things such as cottonwood seeds to work their way inside and clog the coils. If this continues for some time the efficiency of the air conditioner will be greatly reduced. You should hire the services of an HV/AC company to clean them for you. Although a garden hose can work perfectly well you should not aim it directly at the coil. This can determine how long can an aircon typically last.

· Duct cleanings- apart from cleaning the air conditioner regularly you should also have the ducts around your home cleaned. When these gets dirty the quality of air conditioners tends to go down. As a matter of fact, this added strain can eventually shorten their lifespan and make them last for only a few years. This might also increase your energy bills. You will be amazed at how much its efficiency will be improved after carrying out duct cleaning.

· Regular inspections- prior to any change of weather, it’s important that you be aware of any problem that your conditioner might be having. By calling a technician to carry out an inspection you will ensure that the conditioner is properly charged to minimize unnecessary stress on other components. Besides, he will also carry out a thorough inspection on other components as well. You should note that something as simple as a loose part may cause a lot of problems.


You may try to hold off as long as possible before purchasing a new conditioner but this might not be the best step since it may be too costly to continue using something that is not efficient. For instance, if your system has lasted for 8 to 15 years and keeps on breaking down maybe its high time you bought a new one. You should consider it as an investment. Although you will spend a lot of money in purchasing a new one, it will be worth all the effort.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

How Does Air Conditioner Work?

The relationship between air quality and health is definitely the best known and most direct association between the air we breathe and human beings. Its common knowledge that the presence of particulates within the air that people breathe is a major predisposing factor to the occurrence of a majority of respiratory complications and conditions. The potentially carcinogenic solids present in the air can cause asthma as well as a host of other lung, throat diseases and cancers.

Other than the above detrimental effects of low air quality on health, other far less harmful aspects of the air we breathe do directly affect the quality of life lead. For example breathing air that is too dry will cause a sense of perpetual thirst while air that is too humid will make a room stuffy and excessively hot. Furthermore, exposure to air that is too cold will almost undoubtedly lead to an irritating cold. It is therefore beyond debate that maintaining air at the right temperature and humidity while keeping it free of particulates, is quite desirable and at times necessary. This is the very essence of air conditioning.

The Principles of air conditioning

There is a wide variety of systems that have been designed provide air conditioning for residential, commercial and industrial facilities. These systems range from stand-alone machines that regulate the humidity and temperature for entire buildings to systems that condition the air in a few selected rooms. Regardless of the size and structural design of the system, they all work using the same operating principles.

i. To keep the temperature of the air within a room or building within a comfortable range
ii. To keep the humidity of the air within the room of building low
iii. To keep the air within a room or building free of particulates

To carry out the above mandate the air conditioning unit makes use of the two following physical principles:-

i. When a confined gas expands it absorbs heat energy from it surroundings
ii. When a gas is compressed, its temperature and pressure increase in a manner proportional to the loss in volume

These two principles are applied in different components of an air conditioning unit in order to bring about continuous regulation of both the temperature and humidity of the air within a room.

Components of an air conditioning unit

As mentioned above, it is obvious that the most crucial component of all air conditioning units is the gas used by the unit. This gas is known as the refrigerant. The refrigerants initially used in air conditioning units were initially chlorofluorocarbon compounds better known as CFCs. However due to the detrimental effect that CFCs had on the Ozone layer, the refrigerants used were changed to the less harmful alkanes such as propane and butane. Some manufacturers use ammonia gas in their air conditioning units.

Other than the air conditioning gas, an air conditioning unit is made up of four basic mechanical components. These components include the following:-

i. The compressor
ii. The condenser coil
iii. The expansion valve
iv. The evaporator coil

It is worth noting that various manufactures do include additional electronic and mechanical components to enhance the functionality of their air conditioning units. This extra components are however not crucial to the functioning of the unit. Filters are installed to remove particulates from the air.

Working of the air conditioning unit

The most important thing that one should note about how an air conditioner works is the flow of the refrigerant through the above components. Since the gas flows in a continuous loop through all four components, the flow can be described starting with any component. From the compressor, the refrigerant would flow to the condenser coil, from which it would head to the expansion valve, then to the evaporator coil. The refrigerant would complete the loop by ending up where it started finally in the compressor.

The compressor

As the name suggests, the compressor is the unit in which the refrigerant is compressed. The compressor makes use of a piston-cylinder setup driven by an electric motor and an air tight cylinder to compress the refrigerant. This increases its temperature and pressure. From the compressor the refrigerant heads to the condenser coil. The hum associated with most air conditioning units is due to the pumping action of the compressor.

The condenser coil

The compressor coil is a series of half-loops of the brass pipe through which the refrigerant flows. As the hot refrigerant passes through the condenser coils, a powerful fan forces a continuous bust of air to pass over the coils. The rapidly moving air drawn from the outside has the effect of cooling the refrigerant flowing through the condenser coil. This means the refrigerant flowing from the condenser coil still retains its high pressure but losses most of the heat produced in the compressor. This now cool refrigerant flows under high pressure to the expansion valve.

The expansion valve

The expansion valve is simply a transition point where the diameter of the brass pipe through which the refrigerant flows suddenly increases two-fold. This abrupt change in the diameter of the pipe results in a similarly abrupt expansion of the refrigerant as the volume the gas can occupy suddenly increases. The outcome of this sudden expansion is an extreme plummeting of the refrigerant’s temperature as it transitions from the liquid to gaseous phase. The extremely cold refrigerant gas then flows to the evaporator coils.

The evaporator coils

The evaporator coils are also half-loops of the brass pipe through which the refrigerant flows. The most notable difference of these coils from the condenser coils is their large diameter. The intensely cold refrigerant flowing through the evaporator coils causes the air being forced over the coils to also cool. The intense cold of the coil has the additional effect of causing any water vapor in the air to condense to water which then instantly freezes over the coils. It is therefore at the evaporator coils that the air from inside a room is deprived of both its heat and moisture. From the evaporator coils, the now warm refrigerant flows to the compressor, where the whole process repeats itself.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

What Is The Best Air Condition System In Singapore?

With the fluctuating weather in Singapore, you most likely need an aircon system in your home. Most of the homes and offices in Singapore are fitted with an a/c unit. With the system, it helps to keep the weather in the home conducive enough, whether it is during a cold day or a hot day. The aircon system is one of the must-have systems in Singapore. When you are in search of a good air conditioning system, you will need to ensure that you find one that is reliable enough. Here is a guide to help you find the right air conditioning system for your home or office;

Choosing the right system

You will need to put some factors into consideration when you are choosing the aircon that is highly rated. Some of the things to keep in mind include the following;

• The installation area. 
Where will you place the a/c? Will it be installed indoors or outdoors? Ensure that you consider this factor before choosing the aircon.

• The brand’s reputation. 
What do people say about the brand? Is it a reputable brand that has been recognized by many people? How long has it been in operation? Ensure that you choose a brand that is well known and has positive reviews from people.

• Warranty
. The aircon that you choose should serve you for the longest time possible, and this should be guaranteed with a warranty.

• Recommendations. 
You will need to ask people around and get recommendations of the brands that you should buy. It is better to ask a client that has used the system, instead of asking the brand’s representative.

• Ease of use. You should also be able to use the a/c system without the complexity. For that, ensure that the machine is user-friendly. Even if it is complicated, the company should offer an easy-to-understand manual that allows them to operate it.

• Energy efficiency. The system should also be energy efficient to allow you to work with ease and save up enough energy.

• Cost. 
You should consider the cost of buying and the maintenance cost of the aircon system. This will allow you to purchase the system that pleases you, and also be sure of having fewer complications when maintaining it.

It is all about finding a reliable and dependable system.

So Which is The Best Aircon System In Singapore?

This will be based on the top brands of aircon around Singapore. There are three main brands of aircon that are used in offices and homes in Singapore. They include the following;

• Daikin

This is one of the top brands of air conditioning systems in Singapore. The systems are known for their friendliness to the environment. A lot of home users depend on the Daikin aircon systems. They also come in non-inverter and inverter aircon units. You can choose the system that you want to buy and be sure of getting the service that you expect. They are also known for their durability since they can last for a long time.

The Daikin aircon systems are developed into various units, including the multi-room aircon systems that are mostly used in HDB units. They are also quite affordable, making them among the cheapest brands on the market. It is also known for its minimum maintenance costs. Operating the Daikin aircon system is also easy enough.

• Panasonic

Panasonic is another top brand. It is highly rated as one of the best aircon brands in Singapore. Many customers claim to have benefited greatly from this brand. It delivers ductless aircon systems, which is one of the things that make it many people’s favorite brands. It is also known for the cheap systems that it delivers. Many people appreciate the affordability of the Panasonic systems. The brand also produces high-quality systems that are energy efficient. Some of their products include concealed duct; ceiling mounted units, as well as wall, mounted units.

• Mitsubishi

This is another well-known aircon system brand in Singapore. The brand is also known for the long-term warranty that they offer to their customers. A Mitsubishi aircon can come with a warranty of about ten years. The long-term warranty guarantees that the system can last for long enough. The warranty covers a free service whenever the system breaks down. Within the first two years, you might be subject to a free replacement of the complete unit. Most of the Mitsubishi aircon systems are rated with the Energy Star label. This means that they are energy efficient and are among the most reliable units on the market.

When choosing the aircon system to use, you will need to ensure that you consider all the determining factors. If the aircon is energy efficient, it should also be reliable, in terms of the cost of purchasing and maintaining it. Always go for a system that can deliver the services that you need, and one that is easy to use. It should also be friendly to the environment. As you go through the brands, ensure that you consider the pros and cons of the systems.