Monday, 14 December 2015

Panasonic Window Aircon vs Mitsubishi Window Aircon

Panasonic and Mitsubishi are two leading companies that have many types of air conditioners that are available on the market. These products come with many useful benefits and advantages for all customers. Before you decide to purchase the best unit for yourself, you may want to compare all available products that are available these days. This article is going to discuss about two leading brands in the air conditioning industry. You will be able to learn more about Panasonic and Mitsubishi window air conditioners that come with many useful features and benefits for all customers. Here are some important things that you have to know about these products.

Panasonic Window Aircon

1. Some product options

When you look on the market, you can find some popular window air conditioners that are offered by Panasonic. There are some useful products that come with many features and functions for supporting all customers' needs. It means that you can have flexible options, especially when you want to install the best air conditioner for your home or office now. You can choose the best product that can bring many benefits for all customers now. Make sure that you contact the best aircon installer, in order to find the best option that is available these days.

2. Eco friendly

Most Panasonic air conditioners are friendly to the environment. You don't need to worry about reducing the sustainability of the environment around yourself, especially when you use any window air conditioners from Panasonic now. most oft these products are also compliant to any RoHS standards that are available in Singapore now. You don't have to worry about the overall air quality that is produced by any Panasonic window air conditioners. However, you still need to take care and maintain the quality of any Panasonic window aircons, in order to maintain the eco-friendly feature from these products.

3. Elegant design

This is another good benefit that is offered by Panasonic. This company has some professional designers who are ready to design their products completely. Panasonic window air conditioner has elegant design that is very attractive for most users. This design can help you improve the overall interior design of your home. This is another good reason why you may want to take a look at unit. This product also has compact design, so you can install this unit in any compact areas or small spaces in your properties now.

4. Flexible fan speeds

When you use Panasonic window air conditioner, you are able to manage the overall fan speed levels from your unit easily. It is easy for you to control the fan speed of your unit by using your remote control. This feature is very useful to help you take care and also maintain the quality of this air conditioner for a long time. You can manage the fan speed that is suitable for your own needs. This flexible option can bring many benefits for all customers who want to install the best window air conditioner from Daikin company today.

Mitsubishi Window Aircon

1. Good airflow system

This is the most important benefit that is offered by Mitsubishi window air conditioner. This device has four direction air flow control, so you can adjust the overall air flow system from this unit easily. This feature is very useful to provide flexibility for all customers nowadays. You can simply move the louvres that are available in this unit, in order to manage the overall airflow directions from this unit. Don't forget to use your remote control, in order to setup the airflow level that is available in this unit. You can enjoy using this unit because of this powerful technology.

2. Uniform air distribution

This is another good reason why you have to buy Mitsubishi window air conditioner. This device is supported by its auto sweep system. This technology can provide uniform air distribution in your rooms, including home, apartment, and office. You should be able to use this air conditioner, in order to blow air to the right and left side of your room evenly. Good air distribution is very useful to help you get great air quality and cooling performance from this unit. This feature can ensure rapid cooling system that is offered by this high quality window air conditioner from Mitsubishi.

3. Drain splash technology

It is one of the most popular parts of Mitsubishi window air conditioner. This technology is going to evaporate the drain water from the back side of this unit. This feature is very useful to eliminate the needs of using any drain pipes in your properties now. This is another good reason why this unit can be a perfect choice for you. It is easy for you to use this drain splash technology, in order to deliver the best experience for all customers. You will be able to enjoy great performance when using this high quality air conditioner in your daily life.

4. Easy installation

This window air conditioner comes with compact design and also portable size. This design allows you to install this air conditioner in any properties, such as apartment, home, and also office quickly. It is very convenient for you to use this window air conditioner, in order to support your own needs. Many people in Singapore are interested in using this air conditioner because they are interested in using its portable design and compact size. You don't need to spend a lot of your valuable time when you want to install this unit now.

After reading this review, you should be able to decide to choose the best air conditioner that is good for your needs. Make sure that you compare all available units before you purchase your favorite product for yourself. It is recommended for you to contact the best air conditioner installer, in order to install high quality window air conditioner for yourself. Our company is ready to help you select the best air conditioner that is great for your needs and also budget. Contact us as soon as possible when you want to install the best window aircon for your properties easily.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

5 Worst Mistakes People Make In Aircon Servicing

It is true that the functioning of aircon is pretty much simple and anyone can use it as long as he or she knows how to operate it. However, you need to understand that if you want to get the best output from your aircon unit, then you need to pay minute attention on the aircon servicing as well. But many people make a lot of mistakes while at the time of aircon servicing and they get negative result with it. If we talk about the 5 Worst Mistakes People Make In Aircon Servicing, then I am sharing that below with you for your information.

Not having a routine maintenance: 
Not doing regular aircon servicing is one of the worst mistakes that many people do. Aircon is an electrical instrument that need some services on regular manner and if you will not take good care of it, then it will stop working completely for you. Aircon companies also suggest the same thing when you buy it from them and they expect that you will have a routine

Aircon Servicing while using it. In case you do not wish to face any kind of problem in your aircon unit, then it is necessary that you make a routine schedule for the aircon servicing and you follow that schedule without any delay. That means if you decide to have someone for the servicing of your aircon in every 2 month, then make sure you never delay the time in any condition to avoid the complications or troubles in your aircon unit.

Not hiring a professional for servicing: 
Hiring a professional for your aircon servicing is one of the most important things that you need to remember, but many people just ignore this basic thing as well and they get a lot of problems in their aircon units. You have to understand that if you will hire a non professional person your aircon servicing, then you won’t be able to get the desired output from it.

Also, this non professional person might not know everything about the aircon unit and you might end up having some new complications in your device. So, if you wish to get rid of your current problem and you have no intention to face any other problem in your aircon unit, then it is strongly recommended that you hire only a reputable and professional for the aircon servicing.

Not checking the coolant leakage: 
Not checking the leakage of coolant from your aircon unit is one of the worst mistakes that anyone can do while doing aircon servicing. You might not know this simple fact that if you will have 10% less coolant in your aircon unit, then it will reduce its working capability by 20%.

That means it will need to work harder to keep the room cool and that will consume more electricity to keep the same area cool. Also, this will put more load on your aircon unit and it will have more complications in frequent manner. So, you can understand that if you will ignore the leaking of coolant from your aircon unit and if it is leaking then you can have so many complications in your aircon working. I am sure you do not have any intention to face these complications and that’s why I suggest you to check the coolant condition while doing aircon servicing.

Procrastinating the repairing work:
If you will procrastinate the repairing work of your aircon unit, then it will be a very big mistake by you. You need to understand this simple and basic thing that even a minor mistake in your aircon unit can lead it to some bigger problems. That means eventually this small problem will give some bigger trouble to you and it can cost a lot of money to you for the repairing of your aircon unit. So, if you do not wish to have any complications in your aircon unit caused by some small mistake, then it is suggested that you avoid the procrastination of aircon servicing. If you will not procrastinate the servicing of your aircon unit, then you will get the desired result with it almost not time and you will be able to have the best and most amazing result in easy and highly effective manner. Also, you will be able to get the solution with less spending of money as well.

Not changing the air filter on regular interval:
Air filter might be a cheap thing in your aircon, but it is one of the most essential things that help your aircon unit to perform well all the time. If you will avoid the replacing of air filter in aircon servicing, then it will create so many complications in your aircon unit and you will not be able to have a clean and cool air in proper manner.

Also, due to a dirty air filter your aircon will need to work harder to keep the air fresh and cool and that will automatically increase your electricity bill. Other than this, it will keep your aircon unit vulnerable to so many complications as well that can cause a lot of damage in your aircon unit. So, if you do not wish to have these problems in your aircon unit, then it is strongly recommended that at the time of aircon servicing you change the air filter as well with a new one. And if you think that the filter of your aircon unit is not dirty than also make a simple rule of changing it at the time of aircon servicing.

And if you will avoid these common aircon servicing mistakes, then it is an assurance that you will not face any kind of complication or trouble in your aircon unit. Also, these precautions will help you get the best output from your aircon unit that too without investing a lot of money in its servicing part. Other than this, the electricity bill of your house will also remain under the limit as proper aircon servicing will make sure you do not get extra bill because of its operation.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

How to Get Rid of Haze Smell

If you are a resident of Singapore then you must be going through the hazy chaos caused by the smoke coming from your neighboring country of Sumatra that has imposed a severe threat on the air quality released by your aircon. In such a situation, when your air conditioners are giving out such foul and musty smell, the first thing you want to do is to get rid of this smell that has put you and family into a suffocating and unhygienic condition. Well, here we will help you to know about the reasons of such smell in your air conditioners and to remove it from its very root.

Though Singapore doesn’t have any summer season in particular, the sudden unexpected smoke problem that has arisen from the country of Sumatra has resulted in smelly aircons in most of the Singaporean households. Generally, air conditioners suffer from strange foul odors during the summer season due to unusual growth of mold on its moist surface. But, unfortunately the haze havoc has heightened this foul odor of aircons as dirt and dust got accumulated inside the unit thus making it an ideal place for growth of molds, fungi and other microorganisms. A smelly aircon not only disturbs your home environment by lowering its air quality, but it also poses a serious threat to you and your family members. You can easily get rid of this unnecessary headache by following the ways that are mentioned below:

Find out the Cause of the Foul Smell
If you are getting a foul odor from your aircon, the first thing you need to do is to find out the cause of the foul smell. It is very important to know the reason behind the bad odor first. Once you know the reason, you can easily treat it and get rid of it. In order to know about the cause of the smelly odor coming out of your aircon you must check the entire aircon properly including the filter, the drain pan and the drain lines. As now your aircon is giving out smell due to haze problem, don’t forget to check out whether there is any abnormal growth of molds and fungus or any other microorganisms on the moist surface of the unit.

Treat Problems with Air Filters
In case you find any mold growth in your filter, don’t get worried as most of the aircons come with reusable air filters which can be easily washed, dried and reused. All you need to do is to wash the filters using soapy water and a diluted solution of bleach. This will clean up the entire chaos and will return the earlier freshness. After cleaning thoroughly, check out whether all the mold growth is removed or not. If you find everything ok put the filter back to its earlier position.

Clean the Drain Pan
Often water gets accumulated inside the drain pan of your aircon. But, if water remains clogged there for a long period of time, the aircon can give out extremely bad odors due to the unwanted growth of molds in it. And in this crisis period, the growth of molds may get fueled up due to the haze problem. Hence, in order to minimize the risk, take your drain pan out and clean it up with hot soapy water and dish detergent. After removing all the molds and dirt, rinse it properly using vinegar or diluted solution of bleach. Once everything is done make it dry and set it back to its original position.

Regularly Clean and Maintain the Entire Aircon
Before the haze havoc can create severe problems for your aircon unit, you must take precautionary measures. As a precautionary measure you should regularly clean and maintain the entire aircon unit so that you can destroy the harmful, molds, fungus or microorganisms before they start giving out foul and unhygienic smell. Carefully wipe the entire aircon and the air vents and make it sure that no mold or mildew can grow on it. Repeat this process once in a week and your aircon will remain protected.

Go for Aircon Servicing from Proffesionals
There are a number of efficient and reliable aircon repairing services in Singapore. It is wise to consult or hire such professionals who can help you to get rid of the haze smell without affecting any of its expensive and delicate parts. Moreover, due to the sudden haze havoc the aircon units in most of the Singaporean households have undergone severe mess. As such it has become really important to take up aircon servicing from professionals who can not only diagnose the problem but can also remove it from its core using their tools and machineries.

Hopefully, the above mentioned tips will prove to highly beneficial to get rid of your smelly aircon and will return the earlier freshness and hygiene of your home environment back. Follow these tips and you can easily get rid of the haze smell without investing much of your time, effort and money.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Aircon Servicing - Video


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