Tuesday, 21 May 2013

How To Troubleshoot Your Aircon Units?

How To Troubleshoot Your Aircon Units?

Singapore has its economy thriving due to the ever escalating growth in the manufacturing sector. Due to increase in air pollutants from the manufacturing industries, this south East Asian country has put in place measures to help purify the environment. However, Singapore still faces problems arising from these emissions. Being a citizen of Singapore it is mandatory that you own an air conditioner. Besides just ownership you should learn air conditioner trouble shooting.

In addition you will need an air conditioner to stay cool during the first six months of the year. It will at times be extremely expensive to involve a technician, hence the e need to learn how to solve common air conditioner problems on your own.

Tips on how to trouble shoot your air conditioner
Understand the major parts of your air conditioner. It is important for one to be conversant with the components of your air conditioner and the roles they play. This will make diagnosis and problem solving should not be an uphill task. These parts include a pump compressor, a condenser, a metering, an evaporator, a blowing unit, heat pump system and a duct system.

Check the thermostat

It is advisable that your thermostat records a temperature slightly lower than the actual room temperature. This is one thing to always check before you resort to contacting AC repair companies. This might sound idiotic, but it's the first thing a service man will do and you will still pay anyway.

Confirm that the fan is working
The fans in your central air conditioner should be running. The unit has an inner and an outer fan check to ensure they are all working. On the other hand the outermost fan might be running but releasing hot instead of cold air. In this case the problem could be the blower motor, or air handler. If it is the blower motor, then just shut off the AC and check if all wire connections are okay.

Do you see any water around the furnace?
This might be a problem but not big enough to send you to an AC repair company if you really understand air conditioner trouble shooting tips. Simply switch off the outside unit for several hours but let the blower keep running. This will make the ice melt.

Check the unit power

It is necessary that during air conditioner trouble shooting you check if the main switch is on. Before you die of worries be sure you set the selector switch at the exact position you want it to be. In case the power to the unit is not working then it may possibly be a tripped circuit breaker. Just locate the circuit breaker circuit and then flip the switch. However this is usually not very common but either way ensure it is fixed.


It is therefore obvious that you do not have to be a genius to understand air conditioner trouble shooting just a little knowledge will do. Calling a repairman should be the last resort after all your trouble shooting efforts have failed.