Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Can I do my own air conditioner maintenance?

Can I do my own air conditioner maintenance?

The air conditioner has become one of the most essential home appliances for individuals residing in hot and humid areas. This can be attributed to the many benefits associated with air conditioning units such as the dehumidification and cooling of a room.

It is a popular belief amongst many people that owning an air conditioner normally entails the purchase and installation of a unit. However, this is not the case, like any other electrical appliance proper maintenance is key when it comes to owning an electrical gadget. Some of the benefits associated with proper maintenance of an air conditioner include.

Long life- proper maintenance of an air conditioner unit usually minimizes the chances of the unit breaking down and in essence increases its life span.

High efficiency- a well maintained air conditioner unit tends to be more efficient.
Better respiratory health- this is another important factor associated with air conditioner maintenance. The filters and vents within an air conditioner unit are tasked with trapping dust, microbes and fungus from the air. These contaminants are usually removed during maintenance and in actual sense helps to reduce the risk of an individual developing respiratory problems

There are various ways through which an individual can carry out air conditioner maintenance: an individual might decide to do the maintenance himself or acquire the services of a HVAC technician to carry out the maintenance. The process of air conditioner maintenance usually involves the following.

Cleaning the condenser unit
The condenser unit is normally located outside a building and is tasked with bringing fresh air into the house. When cleaning the condenser unit, the first step is to remove all the leaves and debris that might be trapped within the unit. The cooling fins located within the unit are then wiped clean and if bent should be straightened. All moving parts within the condenser unit should also lubricated.

Changing the air filter
This is one of the simplest tasks when it comes to the maintenance of an air conditioner. For the air filter to be changed the grilles or housing of the air conditioner should be removed first before replacing the filter. Proper wiping and cleaning of the units also carried out during the replacement.

Air duct maintenance
The air duct is instrumental when it comes to the energy efficiency of an air conditioner. In view of this, the ductwork is usually checked for leakages during maintenance. These leakages should be properly sealed to increase energy efficiency of an air conditioner. Dust, pollen and other contaminants also tend to accumulate within the air duct and so, proper cleaning of the ducts should also be carried out.

Coolant check
The amount of coolant within the air conditioning system is also checked. If the coolant is below the recommended value, a recharge is usually required. However, this should be done by a properly trained professional.

Some aspects in air conditioner maintenance can be done by an individual. However, highly specialized air conditioner servicing tasks such as the replacement of coolants require expertise and should not be attempted.