Monday, 2 December 2013

Where Can I Find 24 Hours Aircon Servicing?

Where Can I Find 24 Hours Aircon Servicing?

A broken or damaged air conditioner can cause a lot of discomfort since there is nothing to regulate the temperatures. The discomfort is especially felt in Singapore where the country often suffer from humid and hot weather conditions which makes it almost compulsory to have functional aircon all the time. Unfortunately the aircons do not choose the time to breakdown or get damaged. Instead, an aircon can either break during the day or at night. Regardless of the time it breaks, it is paramount to repair it as soon as possible which is best done by the various 24 hours aircon servicing providers especially if the damage occurs at night.

The aircon servicing provider in Singapore who operate around the clock are important since if an air conditioner breaks at night, you do not have to wait until morning before it can get repaired. Instead, you can just contact a person or company that is able to provide these services. All what you need to do is to have the contacts of a good and competent aircon repairer. One should also ensure that the aircon servicing provider have reliable transport means which can enable them to move fast even if it is at night. Furthermore, the repairer should also have the right tools to effectively and quickly do the necessary services.

Even though Singapore has many 24 hours aircon servicing options, it is always advisable for you to know he appropriate places where you can get these services. This is because not knowing the appropriate places to get these services can make you waste a lot of time trying to contact or locate a good air conditioner repairer. This can have negative effects especially when the temperatures in the country are relatively high.

One of he ideal places where one can get can get around the clock aircon servicing is checking on the print media. Singapore local dailies always have advertisements where various experts in repairing air conditioners advertises their services. These advertisements usually have the contacts of the particular repairer and hence one can just contact them. All what one needs to do is to compare the various advertisements and determine who operates on twenty four hours basis and also who is closest and can be ale to arrive within the shortest time.

Another place where you can get 24 hours air conditioner servicing in Singapore is checking online. The suitability of this is that almost all competent companies and individuals who have skills in aircon repair are available online. You just need to utilize the various search engines to search for an expert who is close to your home. Getting around the clock aircon servicing in Singapore online is convenient since one can do it at the comfort of their homes. Having a computer or other devices which are internet enabled is only what you will need. You can choose to communicate with the chosen air conditioner repairer just online or take their number down and call them directly. Calling is more appropriate since it confirms that the repairer will be coming to service the broken air conditioner and you also get the opportunity to ask questions that might not be clear about the entire process.

Another ideal place were you can get 24 hours aircon servicing in Singapore is in your neighborhood after becoming social with almost all neighbors. This means that if you know your neighbors and the work they do, then you can readily get around the clock aircon servicing since it is common to have a neighbor who has these skills. If you got people living close to where you live and have skills on repairing air conditioners, all what you have to do is contact them or walk to their doors and request for these services regardless of the time. This is convenient since one is guaranteed of getting instant response since the repairer spends minimal time getting to your house.

Getting references and recommendations from friends and families is also another ideal way of getting a good expert who can provide around the clock aircon servicing. You can get these recommendations from visiting your friends and families or even at work from friends who had similar problems in the past. The main advantage of getting recommendations is that you hire a company or an individual who have been tested and the quality of their services authenticated. This gives you confidence that the individual or company you are hiring will provide quality services and will be able to respond quickly regardless of whether it is at night or during the day. Hence, you can readily find 24 hours aircon servicing in Singapore provided you look in the appropriate manner and consider the various factors.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

What Causes Funny Smell from Aircon?


During the hot summer season, you have your air conditioner running. But suddenly, you start noticing some musty smell in the air that emits from your aircon. Just recently, the hazy havoc has hit Singapore and during this time, having a smelly aircon must be avoided in one’s household. The smoke that came in from their neighboring country, Sumatra, caused an uproar among the Singaporeans. This also put many homes’ indoor air quality into an ordeal.

The haze problem has fueled having unusual smelly odors, which allowed molds to grow on the unit’s damp surface-- adding up the natural dirt and dust, which is a perfect breeding place for fungi and other microorganisms. Having a smelly aircon does not only cause comfort problems among people living in the house, but can also be a health threat for them. With these reasons, you have to find a way to get rid of that awful smell by dealing with its origin.

Causes of Smelly Air Conditioner

There are many ways to get rid of the bad odor from the air conditioner. But before getting into action, you must first carefully assess other elements that may have triggered this problem to arise. It might be because of damp carpets or clothes, dead animal remains, or rotten foods.

Some other causes of having a smelly aircon are as follows:

1. Large Aircon, Small Room

Your air conditioning unit must perfectly fit the size of your room-- nothing more and nothing less. If your room is not too large, a 1-1.5 ton of air conditioning unit would be a good size to cut back on the humidity level of the room, thus allowing it to cool down and give cool air. But for instance, your aircon’s cooling capacity is larger than what you need for your room, it can create that musty smell. This is because the larger the aircon unit is, the more difficult it is to properly perform the latent cooling action that it needs to function. It will then be more inevitable for mold spores and bad smell to grow into your aircon unit.

2. Clogged Water Drainage System

Those air conditioning units that run for extended hours usually turn out to become smelly because of having clogged water drainage systems. The drain is usually blocked with dirt and other grime particles, which causes the water to stay back in the condensate tray, thus when it accumulates on a running aircon, it may spread a filthy rotten smell around your house. You can solve this kind of problem by simply removing the cover of your air conditioning unit and freshening up your condensate tray and drainage holes.

3. Improper Use of Air Conditioning Unit

According to some leading manufacturers of air conditioning units, emission of foul smell can occur if you are not using your aircon properly. If you constantly run your air conditioning unit into “low” mode, it can cause damage for the quality of indoor air. This is because dehumidification will not be carried out properly to the right levels. This may result in mold growth and smelly aircon afterward.

Ways to Remove Bad Odors from Aircon Unit

First and foremost, you need to check the cause of the smelly odor on your aircon.
Check the filter, drain lines, drain pan, and even the inside part of your aircon. Watch out for obvious signs of dead mouse or mold growths that can be the cause of the obnoxious odor.

If the problem is your filters, you can simply clean it or, worse, purchase a new one
. Many of the aircon units contain reusable air filters that can simply be washed and dried up as maintenance. You can use soapy water and a diluted bleach solution to clean this kind of mess. Make sure that you have cleaned it properly before putting it back into your aircon unit.

Make time to check your drain pan
. Old water might be sitting in your drain pan for a long time now that it can cause mold growths, ending up with a really smelly odor. You can clean it easily by using a warm soapy water using your dish detergent. Rinse your drain pan well with vinegar or diluted bleach solution and allow it to dry before putting it back in place.

Set a regular cleaning maintenance for your entire aircon unit.
Wipe down your aircon to make sure that there are no mildew or mold growing on it. Check your air vents to make sure that there are no mildew or mold on it.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

How Often Do I Need To Have Chemical Wash For Aircon?

How Often Do I Need To Have Chemical Wash For Aircon?

Air conditioner unit is a very important thing that you should have in your house. This unit is very popular in Singapore. This is reasonable because Singapore is a tropical country with hot temperature. However, you should understand that your aircon unit should be cleaned regularly. Many people do not have any ideas on how often they need to have aircon chemical wash treatment for their units. This article has several tips for you who want to know how often you need to wash your aircon unit. It is very important to read these tips to avoid any problems with your unit.

a. Regular washing

This is the first thing that you have to understand. You should know that your aircon unit should be washed regularly. It is recommended that you have regular chemical wash on your aircon once a month. This regular treatment can help you maintain the performance of your aircon unit. There are many high quality service companies that can help you with this regular washing treatment. This regular washing is needed to remove any contaminants that may buildup inside your aircon unit.

b. When your aircon unit cannot produce cold air
The main function of your aircon is producing cold air. When this unit cannot produce cold air, you should understand that you need to clean it properly. It is a perfect time for you to have chemical wash on your aircon unit. This chemical washing treatment can help you remove any problems that may occur in your air conditioner unit. The main factor causing this problem is the ice accumulation in the condenser. Some experts believe that this washing treatment can reduce the ice accumulated inside the condenser. It is recommended that you find high quality companies that can help you have this chemical washing treatment.

c. When the unit is not functioned well

There are several cases where your unit cannot function properly. If you want to treat these problems, you may want to have chemical wash for your aircon unit. Most problems can be solved by using this washing treatment. That is the reason why you need to consider having this chemical washing treatment for your aircon unit. This washing method can help you optimize the performance of your aircon unit. It is a good idea to perform this washing treatment whenever you have some problems with your air conditioner unit. This cleaning method is very effective to prolong the life of your aircon unit.

They are several tips that you can use when you want to have chemical wash for your aircon unit. It is very important to find the best air conditioner service company that can help you clean your unit effectively. Finding the right company is very important for all home owners. It is recommended that you check the customer reviews that are available on the Internet, local newspaper, or magazine. These reviews can help you find the best service company. Make sure that you also compare all available aircon servicing services to find the best cleaning rate for cleaning your aircon unit.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Is It Possible To Shift My Aircon To My New Home?

All You Should Know About Moving Your Air Conditioner

Moving to a new home can be quite a daunting experience but it does not have to be so with shifting your air conditioner to your new home. According to many sources, shifting a air conditioner is a job you can undertake on your own quite easily. However, if you want to a stress-free shifting of your air conditioner it is best to hire the services of a professional mover. Professional movers are trained to pack, load and move your air conditioner to the place of your choice. Since they are not trained to uninstall your air conditioner, getting it ready for them to pack is something that you have to grapple with. Thankfully, almost all the work can be done easily in moving your air conditioner and get it ready for shifting in time. Here is how.

If you are not the person who installed the air conditioner, you may have little know how as to the different features of the air conditioner. But do not worry, for it does not take a technical mind to understand some of these basic features. Before shifting your air conditioner, here is what you should know. The air conditioner is a split unit that has two units, an inside and an outside unit. The unit on the outside is the one that contains machines such as the compressor and the gas. After obtainingcertifications if necessary, contact the local HVAC technician to discharge your unit. Don't attempt to do this part on yourself as it involves getting into contact with toxic chemicals.

After the technician has discharge your unit and removed all the refrigerants. Then proceed as follows. First and foremost, find the copper refrigerant intake and the output lines and cut the line using copper tubing cutters. Next locate the wires connecting your thermostat to the unit and cut them. Unplug the unit from the wall and remove the front panel. Lay a towel or a soft cloth on the place you plan on placing you AC unit, this is because though it hasn't rained, there might be water inside that can slosh out ruining your floor in the process. Since the unit weighs quite some pounds, consider asking for assistance from your neighbor.

In the process of shifting your air conditioner, gas loss might occur if not protected properly. Here is what to do to prevent this. On the outside unit, the condenser has two shut-off valves, one on the suction line and one on the pressure line. First, close the valve on the pressure line which is the outlet valve and then run the condenser for several minutes. While it is still running close the inlet valve. This works by evacuating the lines and saving the refrigerant as a liquid in the condenser. After turning off the condenser you can now safely cut the lines to the evaporator without losing any gas thus saving on the cost of refrigerant.

After this is done, your air conditioner system is ready to be moved to your new home. At your new home, after re-installing the air conditioner you might consider calling a HVAC technician to test your work and ensure there are no leaks. But if you fear ruining your air conditioner in the process of shifting it, it is advisable to contact a technician to shift the air conditioner for you. Though some moving air conditioner services do provide the uninstallation service, it is best if you could do it for yourself.

Sunday, 30 June 2013

5 Reasons Why Your Aircon Is Not Cold

5 Reasons Why Your Aircon Is Not Cold

If you're dealing with the problem of your aircon not cold, then you should know that there are plenty of reasons to why this might be the case. And you know very well that when you live in Singapore, a country with a tropical climate, having a non-functional AC will soon be felt quite harshly. However, you don't need to worry about your air conditioning unit not performing as you would like it to, because in the paragraphs below we'll take a closer look at the top 5 reasons to why it just doesn't get cold.

1. Dirty air filter

One of the reasons to why your AC unit is not blowing in any cold air might be because of the filter being clogged with dirt. You know very well that a good AC will always require its air filter to be frequently cleaned up and replaced when necessary. That is why you'll need to ensure that you consider a professional to come at your place from time to time to check it out. Maintaining it properly is going to eventually allow you to have cold air blowing in your room or home.

2. Blocked condenser

Next, the condenser is also a very important part of the AC unit that is very much responsible with ensuring it works properly. But when it gets blocked, your air conditioning system will just be unable to flow back cold air in your home. Most of the times though, it seems that the problem can be fixed easily, because the dust or dirt that blocks the condenser is simple to clean up. To make sure you don't have to deal with such problems, you'll have to clean up the condenser once a month.

3. Frozen condenser

You may also deal with a condenser that has frozen though and this is going to eventually cause your AC unit to be unable to blow cool air in your home. All that you need to do to prevent this from happening though is to consider regular maintenance for your AC unit. If you don't have the time or expertise to do this though, you may want to get in touch with a professional. He will be very quick to do this and you won't run the risk of breaking something if you'll do it on your own.

4. Leaked refrigerant

Leaked refrigerants are another reason to why your AC unit is not cold anymore. It's basically one of the most encountered problems for those who are living in Singapore. The reason? Well, most people here just don't want to change the refrigerant for petty reasons and sooner or later, their AC unit will not work properly.

5. Dirty evaporator
Last but not least, the evaporator is one of the most vital parts in the AC unit. So if this gets dirty, then your AC will not function optimally. That is why along with other parts of your AC, you should clean the evaporator at least once per year. This will ensure proper functioning of the air-conditioning system.

As you can see, by following these 5 tips, you will eventually manage to fix any problems your AC unit has that make aircon not cold. Good luck with it!

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Where Can I Find Aircon Topup Gas Service?

Where Can I Find Aircon Topup Gas Service? 
Wondering where you can carry out aircon topup gas service in Singapore? Well, don't worry because this country has, by far, the most organized cities. Singapore however suffers from humid and hot weather conditions. Even though there are some well developed aircon sytems that protect you from the heat, these systems need frequent servicing through aircon gas top up. There are a number of companies which offer aircon top up gas service in Singapore. You should always try as much as possible to look at each of the potential companies and vet each one of them, to ensure that you find the best. You can do this by carrying out lots of reference checks as well as studying their testimonials. Ensure that you get the best companies who are well known in the field of air conditioning and research in Singapore.

For my case, I often look for a company that has highly skilled workforce of technicians and repair-men. This is because the technicians and these repair-men are the ones in the field doing the actual work. I have never been frustrated by any of the companies I have chosen so far. By the way I also often go for those companies who offer extra services such as free-assembly. It is a good idea to go to such companies offering extra services as this often speak a lot about such companies, that they are offering quality services.

You can also decide to approach individual repairmen to give you this aircon topup gas service. There are many repairmen in Singapore who can offer you this service. Most of them ensure that your systems run for a considerably long time; which is what we all want. It can however be a little bit challenging to find individuals as compared to finding companies to offer you the service. If you decide to approach an individual, you should look at lots of references and feedback left by customers. Ensure that the individual you settle in is highly skilled, knowledgeable, and qualified to do it and should also be experienced.

Nowadays, it is quite easy to find an air conditioning service in Singapore than it was some ten or so years ago. At the moment, almost each and every serious company offering this service is found online. Individual servicemen are also found easily on the net. This has made our work of looking for them a lot easier. If you are looking for them therefore, you can start by searching for them online. When you find these prospective companies or individuals, you can then go to the next step which is to ascertain their skills and experiences that they have.

You should be able to find the best company or individual to offer you aircon topup gas service, if you do your comparison based on the skills, knowledge and experience of the individuals or company's technicians. You need to first have a long list of these companies or individuals then eliminate them one by one until you remain with only one. That'll be your choice.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

How Much Does Aircon Chemical Cleaning Cost?

How Much Does Aircon Chemical Cleaning Cost?
As a Singaporean a question that may be disturbing you concerning the cleaning services may be this one`How Much Does Aircon Chemical Cleaning Cost in Singapore?'Do not worry the company has well published prices for its services. For any reputable company giving out clear explanation on cost of the services that it offers to customers is the first priority as a step to good customers care services. The prices on specific services offered you can readily get them on the website of the company or by visiting the company outlets directly in Singapore. The following is a breakdown of the cost of services offered by Arcon Cleaning Company services in Singapore.

1.Normal Aircon Servicing for Fan Coil/ Condenser

These services are widely offered by the company at different costs depending on the units to be worked on .In case you will like to have servicing of 1 fan coil for your house air purification purposes you will be required to part with $40 for the service to be accurately done for you. For a range of 2-4 units of fan coils you will have them sold to you at $35 each. In case you require more than 5 fans for servicing your condenser you will need to spend a total of $30 on each fan. It is evident that when buying in bulk you will have enjoyed a great deal of discount. By buying more than five you will end up saving up to $10 on each fan. After purchasing a commodity especially the one you are going to use on electric power you will require a warranty. The company selling these fans has taken that into consideration and you will receive a 30 day warranty on workmanship while in Singapore.

2. Chemical Cleaning Fan Coil/ Condenser

For this you will also be charged according to the number of units that you buy. You will have to spend a total of $80 on each fan coil. This one has a constant price on each; there is no economy in buying in bulk. In addition to the price you will be able to enjoy free workmanship warranty for a period of 60 days.

3. Aircon Overhaul Fan Coil

This fan may be the one that you wanted to replace at your home in Singapore and you where stressed on how much it costs so that you can budget on it. Surprisingly the price is $150 per fan coil and on top of that you will be able to enjoy workmanship warranty for 90 days

3. Checking /Troubleshooting

For any cleaning machine you have in your Singaporean home you will like it to be in a good condition for it to offer you good service .The company has taken this into consideration and has set standard charges for that .The fee is $50 for trouble shooting and it is majorly due to transportation and inspection of the Aircon units, this fee will be waived from the invoice once done. This is for your convenience as a customer because sometimes a cleaning machine can fail and end up stressing you a lot, to avoid much disturbance it is advisable to contact the experts who will do the work without wasting much time as they have great experience in the field.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

What Size/Type of Air Conditioner should I Purchase for my Home?

What Size/Type of Air Conditioner should I Purchase for my Home?

Before you get into the business of looking for an aircon installation company, it is best to choose the type and size that will be installed. There are numerous options available in the market thus you need to get the one that will work best in your home. Below you will find a simple guide that can be used to determine the ideal conditioner.

Air conditioner capacity Vs room size

It is recommended that you always match the size of the room to the air conditioning unit. Bigger rooms should always get bigger and more powerful units to meet its needs successfully. This is because units that are underpowered will end up wasting a lot of energy since they have to really work hard to cool off the room. At the same time the overpowered units usually bring about unnecessary expenses.

The next thing you need to think about and can also be discussed with the aircon installation professionals is the capacity that you will get. Most units are rated by British Thermal Unit (BTU) while kilowatts (KW) are used to measure the output. There is a simple formula that can be used to determine the capacity that will be needed in the home. Experts advice that 0.080KW (80 Watts) can comfortably serve a square meter. This means that you can get about 1.28 KW of the air conditioning unit for a room that measures 16m squared. It is important to note that proximity to appliances and the kitchen tend to require more cooling.

Once this has been established, it is time to ponder on the type of air conditioner that the aircon installation professionals will be responsible for installing. Some of the options you have include,

this are used to cool a number of rooms via a large fan that is installed outside and pumps the cool air through ducts to the rest of the buildings. These ducts are normally hidden in cavities found in the ceilings.

Windows unit-
these are normally mounted on the windows and sometimes wall. They are ideal for smaller rooms.

Split system-
with these systems, you will find the fans mounted on the inside while the cooling unit is found on the outside. Aircon installation experts recommend this to be used to cool one or two adjoining rooms.

Multi-split system-
this is where a single door unit is used featuring numerous fans that are located inside to cool several rooms in the home.

these are usually light, small and as the name suggest mobile. They can be moved easily from one room to another and are ideal for renters and apartments. They however tend to have a low power output that is mostly suited for small rooms.

Evaporative coolers-
these appear like substandard versions of the portable options. These however use a water cooled filter system and not the normal refrigerant technology.

Once you have settled on the size and type of air conditioner to buy for the home, it is important to ensure that you get aircon installation professionals to do the job so that the unit can be used effectively.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

How To Troubleshoot Your Aircon Units?

How To Troubleshoot Your Aircon Units?

Singapore has its economy thriving due to the ever escalating growth in the manufacturing sector. Due to increase in air pollutants from the manufacturing industries, this south East Asian country has put in place measures to help purify the environment. However, Singapore still faces problems arising from these emissions. Being a citizen of Singapore it is mandatory that you own an air conditioner. Besides just ownership you should learn air conditioner trouble shooting.

In addition you will need an air conditioner to stay cool during the first six months of the year. It will at times be extremely expensive to involve a technician, hence the e need to learn how to solve common air conditioner problems on your own.

Tips on how to trouble shoot your air conditioner
Understand the major parts of your air conditioner. It is important for one to be conversant with the components of your air conditioner and the roles they play. This will make diagnosis and problem solving should not be an uphill task. These parts include a pump compressor, a condenser, a metering, an evaporator, a blowing unit, heat pump system and a duct system.

Check the thermostat

It is advisable that your thermostat records a temperature slightly lower than the actual room temperature. This is one thing to always check before you resort to contacting AC repair companies. This might sound idiotic, but it's the first thing a service man will do and you will still pay anyway.

Confirm that the fan is working
The fans in your central air conditioner should be running. The unit has an inner and an outer fan check to ensure they are all working. On the other hand the outermost fan might be running but releasing hot instead of cold air. In this case the problem could be the blower motor, or air handler. If it is the blower motor, then just shut off the AC and check if all wire connections are okay.

Do you see any water around the furnace?
This might be a problem but not big enough to send you to an AC repair company if you really understand air conditioner trouble shooting tips. Simply switch off the outside unit for several hours but let the blower keep running. This will make the ice melt.

Check the unit power

It is necessary that during air conditioner trouble shooting you check if the main switch is on. Before you die of worries be sure you set the selector switch at the exact position you want it to be. In case the power to the unit is not working then it may possibly be a tripped circuit breaker. Just locate the circuit breaker circuit and then flip the switch. However this is usually not very common but either way ensure it is fixed.


It is therefore obvious that you do not have to be a genius to understand air conditioner trouble shooting just a little knowledge will do. Calling a repairman should be the last resort after all your trouble shooting efforts have failed.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Pros and Cons of Aircon Chemical Servicing

Pros and Cons of Aircon Chemical Servicing

Considering the weather condition in Singapore, uniformly hot and humid most of the year, the air conditioning system is an important requirement. The air ducts over time collect dust, pollen particles, especially during the peak hot months. The various components of the system additionally provide an ideal breeding site for bacteria, mildew and mold. These often require aircon chemical servicing for effective removal.

Pros of Chemical Cleaning
Chemical cleaning is essential for units that have not been cleaned for a long time. Over time, dust coalesces, and molds form to appoint that the normal cleaning methods like brushing are unable to remove them. Various chemical will break down the dirt and dissolve it too.

Mould and mildew are dangerous micro organisms that can have grave health effects. They are mostly resistant to the normal cleaning methods like use of water and soap. Specific biocides are required to eliminate them and prevent regrowth.

Chemical cleaning is recommended for the systems that have a very poor cooling performance. Improper cooling is usually a sign of clogged system. It usually leads to loss of energy as the system uses more power. The only way to ensure that the system is unclogged is the use of chemical solvents that break down the dirt particles. This will further save the client from more costs as it ensures fewer breakdowns and reduced power usage.

Cons of Chemical Cleaning
Some people are highly sensitive and will react negatively to the chemical biocides used in the cleaning. The ailment usually attacks the respiratory system causing adverse reactions like inability to breath, irritation and allergies.

Another disadvantage is that aircon chemical servicing is quite expensive, compared to the other cleaning methods. This is due to the initial cost of the actual chemicals, the specialized method and tools for cleaning, and the technician skills.

Chemical cleaning is quite time consuming. This counts for both the actual cleaning time and the period that the system is shut off to aid in proper cleaning. In some cases, particularly for the chemicals used to eliminate dangerous microbes, the tenants are required to vacate the premises during, and for a period after the actual cleaning.

Requires significant training of the technician.

Storage and getting rid of the unused chemicals as per the set laws is often difficult.

The chemicals are hazardous to both to the technician and the house occupants.

Tips and Warnings
Before the application of the chemicals to the air con system, there is need for an exhaustive communication between the technician and the home owner. The conversation should cover the following;

The technician should first display the evidence of presence of the microbes that warrant chemical method of removal. Insist of real time evidence of the infestation. For more clarification, consult an independent expert to do the check-up.

After indicating existence, the technician should then convince you that other methods of cleaning are ineffective in removing the microorganisms, and that only aircon chemical servicing method is effective.

Lastly, the technician should exhaustively explain the particulars of the chemicals to be used. This covers the name, the instructions, side effects and any imminent risks. This will alert the client of the precautions to take including vacating the premises as the chemical is applied, and for low toxicity chemicals, covering some items such as food and water.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

5 Reasons Why Aircon Chemical Wash Is Better

5 Reasons Why Aircon Chemical Wash Is Better
Air Conditioning has become a very crucial requirement in every home and office. With atmospheric temperatures rising with time, it has become so difficult to survive without an air conditioner especially to people who live in tropical climates for example Singapore. With the demand for AC always increasing, the manufacturers are not only trying to come up with efficient equipment but they are also trying to make them stylish so that they will groove well with your house's decor.

The cost of running an AC is something that everyone should consider. The manufacturers understand this and therefore you will find that most of the AC in the market are energy saving. It is important to ensure that the AC you choose provides superior air quality to ensure that your health is not put at risk.

To ensure that you an equipment that is of high quality, it would be important to look for models that have been approved by the National Environment Agency. After spending a good amount of money in buying a high quality AC in Singapore, it would be important to ensure that you maintain it properly to ensure that it continues functioning effectively throughout its life. That is where Aircon chemical wash comes in. The cleaning ensures that you air conditioner is protected from problems such as mold growth, bacteria growth and also water leaks.

Reasons why you should choose Aircon Chemical wash in Singapore

To prevent hitches- If the AC is not adequately cleaned there are many things that can happen that can make it perform dismally. The buildup of bacteria and the growth of mold can lead to clogging of the AC. If this is allowed to continue for some time, The AC might break down and the result is that water will start dripping. It is most likely that the dripping will occur on your valuable assets for example your computer or even your bed while you are asleep. Chemical wash ensures that the AC is running properly at all times and it also helps to increase the life of your equipment.

To prevent bad odors in the air- Failure to adequately clean the ac could lead to bad smelling air at home or in the office. The action of accumulating bacteria on the deposited dirt could be the major cause of these bad smells. Aircon chemical cleaning is the most effective in killing these bacteria and consequently the most effective way to ensure that the air is of very high quality.

To prevent breakdown of the machine- Ordinary way of cleaning the ac where you open up the equipment to remove the accumulated dirt is a good idea but if not done carefully could damage the equipment all together. Chemical wash ensure that cleaning is done while the equipment is intact and therefore the risk of damaging it is minimized. This helps to improve on the life of the machine.

Improve efficiency- There is nothing as important to a home owner as to have a properly working device. An efficient ac will ensure that you don't have a sleepless night just because it failed at night and therefore you spent the whole night sweating. An efficient machine will ensure that you don't have to be worried that you cloths will be damaged by the leaking AC just because it broke down while you were not in the house. Chemical cleaning plays an important role in ensuring that your ac is at its best working condition at all times.

Better health- Chemical ac cleaning ensures that the device is only proving safe air for breathing. The ac is expensive equipment and therefore it will be a great disservice if it will be supplying you with contaminated air. Fresh air is one way of ensuring that you remain healthy all along.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

How Often Do You Need To Service Your Air Conditioner In Your Office?

How Often Do You Need To Service Your Air Conditioner In Your Office?

The quality of the air you breathe depends on how well you understand the importance of air purification. Your air conditioning machine can't give you a pure and comfortable air unless you give adequate attention to its servicing. Apart from this, it is also necessary that you enjoy a fresh and comfortable temperature in your office premise without any interruption. You must emphasize on the servicing part if you don't want any unnecessary disruption.

In order to ensure a continuous air conditioning service and facility that your air conditioner provide, you need to understand your machine at first. Your air conditioner needs occasional servicing. People often do wonder why a new air conditioning machine needs servicing. How can you forget the fact that this mechanical device gets exposed to different types of weather conditions most of the times? Your commercial air conditioning machines become more vulnerable to harsh weather conditions.

If you ask how often you need to service the air conditioner in your office, it would be right to say that depends on how often you operate them. Commercial air conditioners run for maximum hours in a day. The use of internal components of this machine is definitely much more than a residential air conditioning machine. Of course, these internal components have a particular life span. The natural moisture of the air also has some extent of impact on the machine. So you need to figure out the condition of the internal components of the machine after a certain point of time.

The basic purpose here is to figure out how is the current situation of your air conditioner so that you don't have to expect an unprecedented overhaul. Yes, it does not sound quite good, but ignoring the servicing requirement of the air conditioner in your office can put you in a chaotic situation. To avoid that chance of any unnecessary mess, you should prioritize and fulfil the servicing requirement of the air conditioning machine in your office after a certain interval. In the absence of proper servicing of the air conditioner used in your office, this machine can appear as a great source of hazards.

The most common problems faced by the consumers are frequent leaks in the water pipes, lack of efficient cooling and unpleasant smell in the air. You have to seek help of a professional air conditioner servicing or repairing organization before it makes you feel sick. When you hire a reputed and authentic air conditioner servicing professional, you get full instructions and suggestions regarding how to keep your machine efficient for a longer period of time. These professionals will advise how frequently the machine used in your office needs servicing. That also depends on the age of the machine too.

Apart from the weather condition, the age of an air conditioning machine also decides how often it might need repairing or maintenance. It is best to hand over all the repairing and servicing tasks on a reliable service provider who guarantees quality work. An expert will understand your machine well and then will take adequate measures as per the current condition of the air conditioner.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Can I do my own air conditioner maintenance?

Can I do my own air conditioner maintenance?

The air conditioner has become one of the most essential home appliances for individuals residing in hot and humid areas. This can be attributed to the many benefits associated with air conditioning units such as the dehumidification and cooling of a room.

It is a popular belief amongst many people that owning an air conditioner normally entails the purchase and installation of a unit. However, this is not the case, like any other electrical appliance proper maintenance is key when it comes to owning an electrical gadget. Some of the benefits associated with proper maintenance of an air conditioner include.

Long life- proper maintenance of an air conditioner unit usually minimizes the chances of the unit breaking down and in essence increases its life span.

High efficiency- a well maintained air conditioner unit tends to be more efficient.
Better respiratory health- this is another important factor associated with air conditioner maintenance. The filters and vents within an air conditioner unit are tasked with trapping dust, microbes and fungus from the air. These contaminants are usually removed during maintenance and in actual sense helps to reduce the risk of an individual developing respiratory problems

There are various ways through which an individual can carry out air conditioner maintenance: an individual might decide to do the maintenance himself or acquire the services of a HVAC technician to carry out the maintenance. The process of air conditioner maintenance usually involves the following.

Cleaning the condenser unit
The condenser unit is normally located outside a building and is tasked with bringing fresh air into the house. When cleaning the condenser unit, the first step is to remove all the leaves and debris that might be trapped within the unit. The cooling fins located within the unit are then wiped clean and if bent should be straightened. All moving parts within the condenser unit should also lubricated.

Changing the air filter
This is one of the simplest tasks when it comes to the maintenance of an air conditioner. For the air filter to be changed the grilles or housing of the air conditioner should be removed first before replacing the filter. Proper wiping and cleaning of the units also carried out during the replacement.

Air duct maintenance
The air duct is instrumental when it comes to the energy efficiency of an air conditioner. In view of this, the ductwork is usually checked for leakages during maintenance. These leakages should be properly sealed to increase energy efficiency of an air conditioner. Dust, pollen and other contaminants also tend to accumulate within the air duct and so, proper cleaning of the ducts should also be carried out.

Coolant check
The amount of coolant within the air conditioning system is also checked. If the coolant is below the recommended value, a recharge is usually required. However, this should be done by a properly trained professional.

Some aspects in air conditioner maintenance can be done by an individual. However, highly specialized air conditioner servicing tasks such as the replacement of coolants require expertise and should not be attempted.