Thursday, 8 November 2012

Why Aircon Chemical Cleaning Instead Of General Servicing?

The Upper Hand Of Aircon Chemical Servicing To Normal Servicing

Do you posses an air conditioner that is not cooling your room enough? Are you with your guests in a hot summer day with sweat rolling down your face and your guests while your air conditioner is just looking like toy furniture? Are you tired of getting your air conditioner serviced but to no effect whatsoever? Well, the answer to all this is Aircon Chemical Servicing meant for your air conditioner maintenance at your home or workplace.

Benefits of AirCon Chemical Services
Among the many benefits of Aircon Chemical services, the notable merits are that air conditioner will cool well even in the hottest of days. The electricity consumption will be noticeably lower by air conditioner as well as there will be a lesser need for its repair and replacement with its longer lifespan. Savings are generated as leakage, which is a common problem in most air conditioners, is minimized to a great extent by the application of Aircon chemical servicing. And the obvious and most important advantage is evident to all that of cleaner purified air and a sophisticated ambience in your homes or workplace which further implies that the inhabitants would not become prone to diseases because of bad or worse air quality released by an over-used air conditioning unit.

Aircon is a solution to a number of air conditioner problems associated with insufficient cooling inclusive of the reasons that the indoor fan coil might be dirty which results in the weaker dissipation of the cool air, the outdoor condenser may also be dirty which causes the inbuilt compressor to overwork and get overheated. There might be inbuilt causes of low cooling as well such as lack of sufficient refrigerant in air conditioning unit or there may be some internal problem that is resulting to discontinuous operation of air conditioning system or the fact that the temperature set is too high for the inhabitant’s liking. One of the reasons can also be that the installed air conditioner is under sized or the capacity of the unit is not appropriate.

Scope not limited
The Aircon chemical servicing can be performed on any type of air conditioner. A complete range of Aircon Service list includes aircon servicing or maintenance, chemical overhaul , contract maintenance,  Aircon repair, changing of aircon parts and aircon evaluation as well as advice. Like any other car or other mechanics, air conditioners also require regular continuous attention in way of servicing and repairs. Our dependence on air conditioners makes it all the more important for its maintenance.

Nowadays air conditioners are not only becoming a necessity in residential areas but also as an essential feature of all commercial sectors be its corporate offices or shopping malls or retail shops and stores. They are rapidly replacing the installed coolers and are now a symbol of a well to do standard of living which is pursued by many.  Aircon Chemical Servicing  helps keep up the temperature to our liking and to put people around us in comfort to negotiate dealings in commercial areas and happy meetings in several homes.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

What Are The Benefits Of Aircon Servicing?

What Are The Benefits Of Aircon Servicing?
Every machine requires routine service and up gradation with time. If you do not spend cash today on maintenance of machine, you are sure to pay a lot more in future facing a major repair.  The same logic applies to your air conditioner. If your AC or heat pump lacks maintenance, you cannot enjoy a comfortable life. An air conditioner is a unique piece of machine which is engineered with care and technology. In most cases, it can provide you service for long hours without disruption or complaint. However, like other equipments, it requires time to time servicing and tune up. 

Why is Aircon Servicing Necessary?
Without maintenance your air conditioner loses its efficiency after each year of use. It therefore becomes mandatory to take care of your machine so that it can recover the lost efficiency. Engineers say that with time to time tune up, your air conditioner will save 95 percent of its real efficiency. This means that you can increase the life span of your machine and save money in future. A properly maintained air conditioner will also make sure that your house maintains the right amount of temperature. Your AC can last for a decade if looked after with care.

Aircon Maintenance Tips:
Certain precautions and steps can be very helpful when it comes to looking after your machine.  Keep a habit to check furnace filter every month and look for blockage and damage. Clean your filter because there are possibilities of dust and dirt particles being accumulated in it. Ensure that the condensation tube is working properly and check for water leakage at the base or at the back of your AC. Sometimes the installation at the end of your machine may wear with time. Because of this it cannot absorb the condensed air and your AC might leak water droplets internally. Keep the compressors clean by air spraying it with the help of a hose.  Cover your air conditioner and the compressor properly during the winter season or when you are not at your house for weeks.

Where to get Aircon Service Assistance:
Your aircon dealer can make a service contract with you and provide you all kinds of professional assistance required to take care of your machine. They will look after every minute problems and help your avoid major repairs or new installation. This will help you save both time and money in future. Maintaining an efficient AC will help you reduce your energy bill and avoid inconvenience.

You could also sign up for an annual maintenance deal that will look after your needs. Your service company will provide you maintenance service frequently. The company will supply your professionals and maintenance engineers to repair damaged parts and other components.
The yearly maintenance services do not cost you much and the payment is done every 3 months.

Please ensure that you avail service only from a reputed service company or dealer that hold a minimum of four year experience in this field.